Our Mission, Vision and Goals were developed in consultation with the parish and published in April 2018 as a "Parish Profile" - and can be downloaded here.

Our parish Goals were further updated in 2021 through a process lead by a "Parish Renewal Task Force" and finally approved by Vestry in November 2021.  For information on the renewal task force and its recommendations, click here.


To share the good news of a loving, creative, and peaceful way of life as shown to us in Jesus.


•    To be a spiritual home for all who seek peace, justice, and community
•    To be a place of healing for those hurt by the Church
•    To be an asset of great value to our island home
•    To be a living testimony to the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ
•    To be a place to discover and become who God calls us to be

Parish Goals
as revised and approved - November 2021

Faith in Action:

1.    To meet key needs on Salt Spring through partnering with others.
2.    To  learn of our part in the history of the First Nations and to be a place of reconciliation through our own education, moving towards action, beginning with entering into dialogue.*
3.    To reflect the diversity of Salt Spring and be an agent for strengthening it.
4.    To respond to the climate crisis by educating ourselves and taking action relevant to the Salt Spring Island community as good stewardship of our planet*

Faith in Formation:

5.    To explore new liturgies and modes of worship.
6.    To be more effective/organized in providing pastoral care.
7.    To be an open, loving, caring, and understanding community for those who have been hurt by the church. *

Faith in Foundation:

8.    To become ever more inclusive. 
9.    To expand our demographic range.
10.    To be more skilled at stewardship particularly with reference to money and talent

*additions and edits to the 2018 goals