Worship and the related liturgies are at the core of our life as a community of faith grounded in Anglican traditions at All Saints. We are constantly seeking and implementing innovative approaches to enrich our spiritual lives through communal worship – primarily through our Sunday services, but also through special events during the week and throughout the liturgical year that:

  • build on the various and different traditions that individual parishioners bring to our community
  • explore and incorporate rites and resources from the ancient to the contemporary
  • continue to broaden the use of various forms of music – both traditional and contemporary
  • explore the use of visual media
  • inspire deeper connections with God and each other
  • create a desire and an environment for individual to contribute their gifts and talents
  • nurture a love of spoken and sung liturgy in the congregation
  • speak to all saying, ‘Welcome home!’

A Worship Committee consisting of clergy and lay members convenes regularly to plan our program of worship and liturgies.  If you wish to participate and/or to know more about our approach to worship and liturgy, please contact any member of the leadership team.