The Star of the Sea Centre for Spiritual Living and Practice was launched by the in 2016-17. Headquartered at St. Mary’s, Fulford, the Star of the Sea has a dedicated following of islanders who have attended over 100 events focused on widely varied spiritual practices across the religions and among groups who might not classify their practice as a religion.

The Star of the Sea’s goal has been to encourage spiritual living and practice on Salt Spring. The goal is continually accomplished. The Anglican Church’s support for the Star of the Sea has contributed to a positive impression of the church among many on the island.

The Star of the Sea Development Team includes two members of the parish and is responsible for operations.  The rest of the team is comprised of people with a strong interest in spiritual development and practice from other traditions.

More information about the Star-of-the-Sea, with the latest programs can be found - click here.

If you would like to engage with the Star-of-the-Sea development team please email or the church office.