Small group meetings often held in homes and held mid-week, in person or virtually, to discuss subjects related to seasons of the church – e.g. advent and lent, bible study, topical subjects related to our faith and spiritual development and questions, or simply to meet, share and pray for each other – are a fundamental supplement to our weekly Sunday worship services.  Such small groups enable more intimate development and growth of our faith as followers of Jesus.


  • Spiritual Community Groups: Breaking Bread, Discipleship/Pilgrim groups
  • Bible Study Groups – group-directed studies of the bible
  • Thematic discussion groups/book studies - e.g. The Prayer, Healing Death, by Chris Levan, and Faith After Doubt by Brian McLaren
  • Seasonal Study Groups: during Advent, Lent, etc. e.g. The Living Compass guided study series.
  • The "Alpha" Course - click here
  • “Confirm not Conform” confirmation class  – for those interested in joining the church
  • Faith Exploration: ‘The Chosen’ , ‘Jesus the Game Changer’, ‘The Work of the People’ videos
  • History Sessions: Anglicanism, History of Christianity, The Prayer Book, etc.
  • Inter-faith explorations - e.g. Star-of-the-Sea Centre for Spiritual Living and Practice, click here
  • Labyrinth, and Labyrinth Walks - a physical spiritual exploration resource for our Salt Spring Island community regardless of faith or not 

Such small group discussions can result in:

  • Spiritual and intellectual growth amongst parishioners
  • Interest from the parish and the wider Salt Spring community
  • Growth and development of our community of faith within the parish as expressed in love for each other
  • Greater appreciations of various and diverse traditions that individuals bring to our parish – i.e. not all of us come from an Anglican background, many come from different faith traditions or from no faith at all!

If you are interested in joining and/or leading a faith formation small group, please contact any member of the leadership team.