Staff and Assistants

Rev. Paul Schumacher
  • Interim Priest-in-Charge
David Storm
  • Organist & Choirmaster
Walter Stewart
  • Lay Leader, Building Renewal, Lay Vice-Chair, Western, Peninisula, and Gulf Islands
Andrew Peat
  • Treasurer, ex-officio member of Parish Council
Bill Morrison
  • Maintenance


The Churchwardens together with the Incumbent function as the Executive of the parish and are ex-officio members of Parish Council.

Gloria McEachern
  • Deputy People's Warden
Simon Wheeler
  • Associate Bishop’s Warden

Parish Council

The Parish Council is the advisory committee that supports the Incumbent and the Churchwardens in the general business and programs of the parish.

Doreen Davidson
  • Ex-officio as Chair of Outreach, Server's Guild, Crucifer, Altar Guild, Lay Leader
Ron Dyck
  • IT and Audio Systems, Cemeteries
Ida Marie Threadkell
Judy Tyson
  • Server, Crucifer, Altar Guild, Bazaar