A great way to contribute to the work and feel a part of the parish is to engage with us in one or more of the various programs and activities.  Some examples and contacts follow:

Our Programs

Look over our parish programs and consider where you may wish to engage with us:

Choir and Worship Music

Music is a vital component of our regular worship services. Our dynamic Music Director, David Storm, is always seeking creative ways to enable our worship building on our traditions but also seeking new and innovative approaches.  The All Saints sanctuary is blessed with wonderful acoustics, a four-manual Rodgers Hybrid (digital/pipe) Organ, and a grand piano. If you are at all musical and desire to share your talents, please contact David and join our choir or offer your abilities in other ways.  Contact David for more information and/or to participate.

Tea à Tempo

Our musical life goes well beyond worship. “Music Makers” produces Tea à Tempo, a music series which offers a concert in All Saints at 2.10pm on the first Wednesday of every month throughout the year and weekly in the summer. These performances by local and off-island musicians provide an eclectic selection of musical genres.  The programs are organized by the Music Makers’ team, directed by Lolla Devindisch. Contact Lolla for more information and/or to join in the fun.

Anglican Caterers

A small group of parishioners give of their time and talents to support various activities of the parish that require provision of food and catering, including the Tea à Tempo, memorial services, coffee hour after worship services.  Contact Marjie Radford for more information.

Gardens and Gardeners

All Saints’ Gardeners meet regularly spring through fall, 9-11am, weather permitting, to work together in maintaining and enhancing the church garden.  Arrive when you can and leave when you need. Some light gardening tools are provided, but if you have your own, please bring them, along with something on which to sit or kneel and apparel appropriate for outdoor work. No need to be an experienced gardener or horticulturist—all are welcome. Contact Lolla for more information.

Quilting and Crafts

The Quilting and Crafts team meets on Thursdays from 9:30am to 12noon, at All Saints. New members are always welcome!  The team work together to create new quilts and crafts, some of which are used for parish fundraising and outreach.  Contact Marjie Radford for more information and/or to join.

Church Library

We encourage you to peruse and use the library located in the main hall. There are wonderful books to deepen your faith and your practice in the many paths that our and other faith traditions offer.  If you want to borrow or donate books, please contact Carles Roch-Cunill – our librarian.

Servers' Guild

The Servers' Guild provides members of the congregation with an opportunity to participate in worship of the Anglican Parish of Salt Spring as participants, carrying the cross, torches and implements of the eucharist.  For more, contact our Head Server, Doreen Davidson.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild are the folk that who work behind the scenes in the sacristy and in the chancel, caring for the sacred objects of our church, our linens, our chalices, our bread, and our wine. We also do the floral displays in our church, as well as memorial arrangements, and decorate for Christmas and Easter.

We assist our priest in her duties to ensure she and the Servers have everything they need for Sunday Service and for the Thursday Contemplative Eucharist.  It is gentle, loving work that offers time for prayerful contemplation and quiet service, as well as time for fellowship.

Safe Church

The Safe Church program ensures that our churches are places of safety from the harm of misconduct that can occur in situations when there is an imbalance of power. Safe Church training is designed to:

  1. Ensure our parishes are places of safety and wholeness for those who come to us seeking the love of Christ.
  2. Ensure all of our volunteers and employees are aware of their own personal safety and are equipped to manage their own personal risk.

Our Safe Church Liaison is Lynne Fraser.  Please contact her or the Parish Office directly for any information or concerns.