Choir and Worship Music

Music is a vital component of our regular worship services. Our dynamic Music Director, David Storm, is always seeking creative ways to enable our worship building on our traditions but also seeking new and innovative approaches.  The All Saints sanctuary is blessed with wonderful acoustics, a four-manual Rodgers Hybrid (digital/pipe) Organ, and a Kawai grand piano.

If you are at all musical and desire to share your talents, please contact David and join our choir or offer your abilities in other ways.

Tea à Tempo and "Music Makers"

Our musical life goes well beyond worship. “Music Makers” produces Tea à Tempo, a music series which offers a concert in All Saints at 2.10pm on the first Wednesday of every month throughout the year and weekly in the summer. These performances by local and off-island musicians provide an eclectic selection of musical genres.  The programs are organized by the Music Makers’ team, directed by Lolla Devindisch.

Contact Lolla for more information and/or to join in the fun.