Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that closed the church in March of 2020, we have only recently reopened in a very limited way. However, below is who we were before the pandemic:

Worship in the Anglican Parish of Salt Spring Island is centred on the sacramental meal of bread and wine at Christ’s table. While the sacrament is celebrated by a priest, lay people play an active role in worship in reading, leading prayers, administering the cup, and laying-on-of-hands for healing.

All who seek God and a greater spiritual depth in their lives are welcome to Christ’s table in the Anglican Parish of Salt Spring. Children are welcome to stay in church during the service; the sound of children is welcome! There is also a nursery with toys for infants and the back right-hand side of the church. Our community is diverse – men and women, young and old, families, couples, singles; straight, gay, differing gender identity; lifelong Anglicans and first-time members of an Anglican community. All are welcome.

Our main service is offered at All Saints by-the-Sea at 10 a.m. every Sunday (now by reservation only). We offer a variety of liturgies from the Book of Alternative Services (BAS) to the new Eucharistic Liturgy for the Islands and Inlets. Everyone is welcome to join us for refreshments & conversation after the service (now we bring our own refreshments).

The north end of the Island is where St. Mark's Church is located, the first Anglican Church built on Salt Spring, in 1892. Services were held regularly on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at 11:45 a.m. using the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) up until the fall of 2019, when the building was closed due to heating costs; it has not re-opened. 

Occasional services are held at St. Mary's Church, located near Fulford across from the Fulford Hall and the second Anglican Church built on the Island, in 1894. St. Mary's is now the home of the Star of the Sea Centre, which offers a variety of spiritual courses, now by Zoom. The link to that page is on this website in Ministries.

Visit our events page for service dates & times.