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Bishop Logan has requested that, in order to be proactive with the flu and other communicable diseases, we refrain from using intinction.

“It is the policy of the Bishop and Diocese of British Columbia that intinction is not an acceptable practice for public worship. A combination of current literature and expert medical advice concludes that sipping from the common cup and sharing a handshake represent minimal risk of transmission of contagion and fall within the parameters of the normal risks of daily living. On the other hand, the practice of intinction is a higher risk activity. The choice for a communicant, then, is to share the common cup or to receive in only one kind. I appreciate that for some of you this may be a change in practice, but it is based upon the very best information and research. Anglican sacramental theology has always held that the benefits of the sacrament do not require the reception in both kinds.”

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please speak to our incumbent, Gyllian Davies, about them.