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Dear Beloved People,
Happy end of summer! We are blessed with lovely weather. And we are blessed with no new cases of COVID (as yet) on our island, beyond the one in the Spring. By continuing to live thoughtfully, following Bonnie Henry’s guidelines, we undergird all our continued safety.

But, boy do I miss seeing you! And I know many of you are feeling that strange heart feeling of not being able to physically be at church together every Sunday.  

When you feel safe to come, we welcome you to worship in person at All Saints. Online services of course will continue.  

1. WORSHIP AT CHURCH These times give a whole new meaning to “Safe Church”. And we’re doing it! Every Sunday for the past three weeks anywhere from 18 to 12 of us have gathered, prayed together, received Eucharist, and enjoyed recordings of David and the choir. We are not yet at capacity which makes some slight changes possible:             

RESERVATIONS   If you have family visiting who you want to bring to church, please do so. Phone in your reservation and we will re-arrange the chairs so you can all sit together. If you forget to phone before noon on Friday you can phone, email, or text me until 10pm Saturday evening to reserve a seat. My cell number is 250-537-7746.             

COFFEE HOUR   We are doing a COVID version of “Coffee hour”. (Sanctioned by the Diocese) Bring your own coffee in a thermos with mug and condiments. Bring a folding chair. We will place the chairs 2 metres apart in the parking lot and be able to visit with each other. Because we’ll be outside masks will not be required at that time.  

2. PARISH COUNCIL   Please read the minutes from our meetings so you know what we’re up to and how we’re doing.  

3. OFFERTORY    Our income has dropped somewhat. We encourage you to continue with your offerings and thank all of you who’ve made sure to do so! If you would like to sign up for Auto Debit either weekly or monthly  Dale is happy to talk you through the process. You can also mail in your offering via Canada Post or drop it off in the mail chute to the far left of the outer door on the lower level. We promise to put it to good use!  

4. FAREWELLS   With sadness for our loss we bid farewell to Bob Braun and Bev Unsworth, and to Gordon and Claire Chutter. Both families are giving up their Salt Spring homes and moving off-island. We will miss them!  Bob & Bev, Claire and Gordon, so sorry we couldn’t give you a blessing at church. So here you go: God of the journey, You are walking with ­­Bob & Bev and Gordon & Clair into a new land. You are guarding them in vulnerable moments, You are dwelling within them as they depart from familiar places. Be their peace in the face of distance from friends and security, in the planting of feet and heart in a strange place. Uphold in them a deep trust in you. Be their peace as they place their lives into the welcoming arms of your love. Through Jesus Christ, who loves us. Amen.  

I am full of gratitude for the many ways you are finding to reach out to each other and minister to each other – phone calls, meals left at the door, smiles and waves at a distance, rids to appointments… spreading the love and light of Christ. Thanks be to God for all of you and your warm and generous hearts! Many blessings upon us all as we all journey together into the Autumn, the Season of Creation, and the unknown future.

Yours in Christ,