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The Bishop has appointed Doreen as a Lay Canon of the Diocese, as part of his remarks last night, see here:

Doreen Davidson

 When St. John's House first opened, Doreen assisted Srs. Doreen and Val until about 2011-12 when she returned to live on Salt Spring Island. Her presence at St. John's House allowed Srs. Doreen and Val to focus on offering ministries of prayer and hospitality to lead retreats and give spiritual direction

She loves coming into the synod office to help with the monthly parish mailing and has been doing that for almost six years now. She also took on the intercessions which she has faithfully updated every quarter for more than five years. Doreen also looked after me when Imelda took her annual holidays. She took on these jobs on a volunteer basis. I am pleased to be able to appoint her the dignity of lay canon of the diocese.