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The Outreach Committee has chosen one action towards addressing the homeless situation on the island. We are buying $7.00 Thrifty Food's Smile Cards to be given as a gift-meal (a sandwich and a drink). It can't be used for tobacco, lottery tickets or redeemed for cash. We tried a pilot project of 50 meals given to 50 people by three trusted individuals with good access and knowledge of the street situation. Similar to "Soup's On!", the meal is given by people who care with no questions asked or conditions required. We are energized by the feedback we've received.

We are inviting you to join us with this project:
The last Sunday of the month at coffee time (~11:30AM), we'll be selling cards for you to add to our pot. This way you can augment our budgeted monthly amount for cards from Outreach. You might also want to buy a card or two for your wallet in case you're asked for help.

Questions? See Lynda Turner or Joan Warren.