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My dear friends...and even those who I don't know but are part of my Church family   

I want to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts and prayers.  It is so comforting to actually feel the strength and the comfort that you are giving me and my family at this time.  The warmth and love you are giving is so wonderful.  When we got the diagnosis all I could see in my thoughts and prayers was a huge thick wall.  Then came a crack in that wall through which a warm sun light was shining.  The crack now is so much bigger and at times I am bathed in such warmth and light..... It brings tears to my eyes that you care and are praying for me and loving me so much.  Please continue.  I am so grateful for the extra time I have to enjoy my family and this beautiful spring and all of God's beauty around us.  My family is taking good care of me but I pray that you will be there for them when I leave.

I also want to thank you for your openness in accepting dance in the church.  It came  as an overwhelming urge to do something for the Lord and for the Church. The energy to move and dance to translate the Word or music was intense....and it still does.  It has been a blessing for me and I hope for you.  The Spirit has taught me so much.  I wasn't ever very good using my voice ...movement came so much easier.  Thankyou....and to Lolla for sharing this kind of ministry with me.

I am so grateful to you....angels of God on earth.  Thankyou for believing.
Thankyou always.
With love, Gale

PS Please express my thanks to people of the parish, the parish knitters and those/or person who requested a comfort quilt for me. I am in such awe of the gracious generosity and love and compassion that people express to others in such times of deep shock, sorrow and pain.  You can't imagine the deep gratitude I have for the thoughtfulness of others and the love and time they put into their choice of gift or the time sitting and knitting or choosing the cloth, cutting the material,and every stitch by machine and by needle in hand.  In receiving such beautiful gifts  I am reminded of my mom ...and dad and the love she and he had/has for me.  You have sent so much love and healing.  Thankyou so much. With love and great gratitude, Gale