SERVERS' GUILD 2019 - Report by Mark du Plessis
The Servers' Guild continues to provide members of the congregation with a great opportunity to participate in worship of the Anglican Parish of Salt Spring Island as full ceremonial participants, carrying the cross, torches and implements of the Eucharistic Service.

Continuing as members of this important function at All Saints are Doreen Davidson, Letitia Lane, Dave Phillips, Surge Taylor and Mark du Plessis; joined recently by Elaine Hunt and Debbi Toole.
Lolla Devindisch and Dave Phillips continue as servers for BCP at St. Mark's, or wherever the service is held.

It is to be noted that Sandy Gordon retired at the end of last summer and is thanked for his many years of service.

Training for servers is to be conducted throughout February 2020. In addition to those named above, Gloria Dorworth, Gloria McEachern, Judy Tyson and Brad White are scheduled to receive the proposed training. There is always room for more servers—anyone with an interest is welcome to apply to join this Guild.