Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, June 20, 2021

National Indigenous Sunday 

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This week's photo diary: The late Dr. Claus Andress. Flowers from our Flower Festival in 2007 AND our choir's end-of-season party in 2007, featuring some of our long-time members, and those who have passed (named here): The Rt. Rev'd. Barry Valentine, Hetty Clews, Laura Faulkner (at whose house we partied),  Elizabeth Grant and her famous cake, Valerie Howell, Connie Kelly, and Florence Reid.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS to Jordan Soames (June 21) and Ida Marie Threadkell (June 23).
O God, our times are in your hand:
Look with favour, we pray, on your servants, Jordan and Ida Marie, as they begin another year. Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

WE REMEMBER the late Dr. Claus Andress who died 4 years ago on June 23.
The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.  [Deut. 33.27]


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Some sermons by The Rev. Gyllian Davies may be found here or by request.



Refrain:      Come Great Creator, come Life Giver, come to this sacred place,
                             come and be with us.
The congregation faces East
Cantor        Welcome cousins from the East! And bring your gifts.
                   Rising sun and gentle waters, Soaring eagle, new vision.
People        Come Great Creator, come Life Giver, come to this sacred place,
                             come and be with us.
The congregation faces South
Cantor        Welcome cousins from the south! And bring your gifts
                   Our rich mother earth, innocence and love.
People        Come Great Creator, come Life Giver, come to this sacred place,
                             come and be with us.
The congregation faces West
Cantor        Welcome cousins from the west! And bring your gifts.
                   Thunder drum and wind, oceans and strong hearts.
People        Come Great Creator, come Life Giver, come to this sacred place, 
                            come and be with us.
The congregation faces North.
Cantor        Welcome cousins from the North! And bring your gifts.
                   Might buffalo and wisdom, rivers of harmony.
People        Come Great Creator, come Life Giver, come to this sacred place, 
                            come and be with us.

The congregation completes the circle by turning to face the altar.
Cantor        Welcome, dear Christ! Our circle is complete.
                   We thank you for this circle and for the home you made for all.
People        Come Great Creator, come Life Giver, come to this sacred place, 
                             come and be with us.

COLLECT OF THE DAY  Anglican Church of Canada
Creator God,
from you every family in heaven and earth takes its name.
You have rooted and grounded us
in your covenant love,
and empowered us by your Spirit
to speak the truth in love,
and to walk in your way towards justice and wholeness.
Mercifully grant that your people,
journeying together in partnership,
may be strengthened and guided
to help one another to grow into the full stature of Christ,
who is our light and our life. Amen.

BEAUTY WAY PRAYER (gifted to Anglican Church of Canada from Episcopal Church of Navajoland) 

Before watching the service, we invite you to read the lectionary first.  The links below are the actual texts; you can use your favourite Bible or read the texts right here:
Isaiah 40:25-31
Psalm 19
Philippians 4:4-9
John 1:1-18

Creator and Redeemer, as we approach you in prayer; help us walk in beauty and balance; help us open our hearts and minds; and help us speak the truth, responding to “Creator’s Spirit” with “Teach us, and show us the way.”   

We pray for this Community and for your Holy Church, the Body of Christ. We pray for our relatives throughout all Creation, forever linked to us in the circle of life; and we pray for those leaders chosen to guide us: Justin our prime minister, and for all who govern and hold authority around the world; for all clergy, including Linda, our Primate, for Mark our National Indigenous Bishop and for all bishops, priests, and deacons.            

In our own parish, we pray this week for the households of Tracy Teeple, Audrie Thiele, Ida Marie Threadkell, Debbi & Mark Toole, and Lynda Turner.

Today, we pray especially for: Kathy Darling, Tony & Pam Brentnall, Sharon, niece of Helen and Tony Bruce, Nancy Holcroft, Colin, son of Joyce James, Mark MacDonald, Virginia Sha Lynn, Terri Manuck, Michael Overholt, Michael Pidgeon & Richard Stetson, Al & Rita Robertson, Malorey & Wanda Stewart, Margaret Spencer and Julian Wake.            

Let us also pray for those known to us in our own lives.             

Guide them as you guide each of us.
Creator’s Spirit,
Teach us, and show us the way.

We call out to the earth, our island home, in its vastness, its vitality and its variety: mountains and deserts, the high green valleys and meadows filled with wild flowers, the forests, the snows, and the summits where You dwell in silence.
Creator’s Spirit,
Teach us, and show us the way.  

We call out to the waters: the rivers and streams that flow like arteries through the body of creation; lakes and seas; and the vast oceans toward which all things are drawn, inexorably, as we are drawn to you. 
Creator’s Spirit,
Teach us, and show us the way.       

We call out to all creatures who dwell in the field and the forest, the wind and the sea, our brothers and sisters the wolf and deer, the eagle and dove, the great whale and the dolphin, in whose image we see Your beauty.
Creator’s Spirit,
Teach us, and show us the way.  

We call out to all those who have lived on this earth, our ancestors and our friends, who were stewards of Your creation for us and for future generations, and whose lives are part of an unending song in which we are but a single note. 
Creator’s Spirit,
Teach us, and show us the way. 

Holy Father, during this time of renewal and, as we enter a new phase of relief from the restrictions placed on our lives during this period of pandemic, we especially ask for your guidance and presence in our lives.

This has been a time that has demonstrated how fragile life is, and, has brought to the surface all that is good, and, sadly, all that is bad in our world.

We pray that, more than anything else, we can learn from our recent collective experiences, to love, help and respect one another, and live our lives in unity and concord among nations.  

Let us now in unison, pray the words our Father taught us, using the revised version:
Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins
As we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial
And deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours,
Now and forever.  Amen.   

THE PRAYER FOR SPIRITUAL COMMUNION  -  Diocese of Islands and Inlets
Jesus, we believe that you are truly present in the eucharistic meal.
We love you above all else,
and long to receive you in the sharing of this sacrament.
Help us to be aware of your presence with us in spirit,
particularly at this time
when we are unable to receive you in this sacred meal.
We thank you for your promise that you are with us always,
and that with you at the centre we are united wholly
to you, each other, and the world in which we live.
We pray this in your holy name. Amen.  

Jesus Christ, our leader, you are the Son of the Creator.
Today we became your children. Today we became your
grandchildren. We will live as you have taught us. We will
follow your commandments. Watch over us. Speak to us
from the trees, from the grass and herbs, from the breeze,
from the passing rain, from the passing thunder and the
deep waters. Before us there is beauty, behind us there is
beauty. Allow us to walk a long life in happiness completed
in beauty. Amen. 

BLESSING  -  attributed to The Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong
Send us anywhere you would have us go, only go there with us.
Place upon us any burden you desire, only stand by us to sustain us.
Break any tie that binds us, except the tie that binds us to you.
And the blessing of God; the Creator, who made and knows us;
the Savior, who redeems and befriends us;
and the Spirit, who enlightens and sustains us,
be with you this day and always. Amen.

In the name of the Light that came into the world
go in peace. 
Thanks be to God.