The Altar Guilds need more members. If you would like to attend at the altar or carry the cross, or if you would like to be on a team to set up communion, you are welcome. Please contact the parish office for more information.

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2019 ALTAR GUILD REPORT—ALL SAINTS BY-THE-SEA - Denise Quarrington, President
It is my pleasure to give you the annual report for the All Saints’ Altar Guild for 2019. We are: Denise Quarrington (coordinator), Wilma Haig, Molly Cunningham, Judy Tyson, Sarah Mathieson, Doreen Davidson, and Elaine Hunt. (Our retired members Pam Brentnall, Joan Dickenson, and Ann King, are also consultants.)

We are the invisible spirits who work behind the scenes in the sacristy and in the chancel, caring for the sacred objects of our church, our linens, our chalices, our bread, and our wine. We also do the floral displays in our church, as well as memorial arrangements, and decorate for Christmas and Easter.

We assist our beloved Gyllian in her priestly duties and take direction from her in everything we do. We try to ensure that Gyllian and the Servers have everything they need for Sunday Service and for the Thursday Contemplative Eucharist.

It is gentle, loving work that offers time for prayerful contemplation and quiet service, as well as time for fellowship.

Some of the highlights we enjoyed as a group this year were: a Bread-making Workshop with Gyllian; a Seminar on Altar Linens; our Christmas and Easter decorating bees.

If you are attracted to service that requires you to touch and enjoy beautiful things, to spend time with flowers and learn ways to arrange them, to deepen your knowledge about our ancient rituals and traditions, this is a service that might be for you. We are always looking for new members. No previous experience is necessary, and we can teach you what you need to know.

A special thank you to Doreen Davidson, who takes care of our budget and reports to the Finance Committee on our behalf and who is a font of wisdom and experience for our Guild.  

2019 ALTAR GUILD REPORT—ST. MARK’S - Lolla Devindisch
One meeting was held on June 7, 2019 at which Val Watt (chair) resigned in her leadership role since she was planning to move to Victoria to be closer to her husband, Don, who was expecting to be placed in care in Sidney.  

It was resolved that since there were so few members of the guild, and such a low membership in the congregation, that the guild be formally suspended. The finances and all records were given to Andrew Peat to be in the care of the Parish for future recording in the parish accounts.

Lolla Devindisch, Kathy Darling and Nancy Holcroft continue in the altar guild duties as they are able.

We are grateful to Nancy McDougall for all her years as a guild member and wish her many blessings in her recovery from surgery. Thank you Don McDougall for your support of the altar guild.

We were saddened by the sudden death of Val Watt in November, 2019, and so soon after Don Watt on December 11, 2019, before their plans could be fulfilled. We are grateful for their many years of service and dedication to the life of St. Mark's.  

2019 ALTAR GUILD REPORT—ST. MARY’S Teresa (Terri) Manuck, President
There were four services at St. Mary’s this year: Easter Sunday [25 attended], the 125th Anniversary service in June [43 attended], A Southend Christmas in December [45 attended], and Christmas Eve [14 attended].

The church continues to be used as a meeting place for the Star of the Sea Centre for Spiritual Living and Practice, an initiative of the Anglican Parish.

Tony & Helen Bruce and Terri Manuck continue to look after the duties for these occasional services. Many thanks to Patricia Flannagan who plays the keyboard for the services and helps to organize A Southend Christmas with Women of Note.