Pastoral Care in the Parish during the COVID-19 isolation
is available with the Rev'd. Gyllian Davies. 
Please call her at 250-537-7746 or email [email protected]
Phone calls and/or Zoom visits are available upon request.

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A confidential Prayer Chain is available for special requests; please contact the parish office.

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry group provides shawls to people in need due to illness or loss. For more information, please contact the parish office.

The Safe Church program ensures that our churches are places of safety from harm of misconduct that can occur in situations when there is an imbalance of power. The Safe Church program and a Criminal Record check are required for parish council members, paid staff, envelope secretary, children & youth workers, pastoral visitors, and all others who handle money and volunteer staff.

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Monthly Communion Services continue to be held at Lady Minto Hospital’s Extended Care Unit (the first Thursday of the month) and at Greenwoods’ Eldercare Society (the second Thursday of the month). As well, a hymn-sing is held at Extended Care on the fourth Sunday of the month, led by volunteers. We are especially thankful for the dedication of Joan Warren, Joyce James, and Doreen Davidson, who play the piano at these services.

We continue to care for Margaret Mather in Extended Care, and Brenda Cornwall, Mabel Cross, Brian Radford, Gwyn Strike, and Nancy Wright in Greenwoods.

Home Communions were offered to people unable to attend the Christmas services, delivered by Claire Pickering & Michael Pidgeon, Peter & Mary Grove, Ann & Hu’ King, Noreen Davies & Bridget Metzger, Molly Cunningham & Doreen Davidson, Joyce James & Andrew Heard, Elizabeth & Don Van Akker, Sandi Johnson & Anne Clapham, and Lynne Fraser & Peter Howell.