If you want to donate books, please talk with Carles before doing so.

The shelf space is limited, so it is important that books fit the collection criteria. If you have a book that you think belongs to the collection but it is from some obscure author, please add some comment about the book and why it belongs when you donate it. City of God of Saint Augustine clearly belongs, A secular age by Charles Taylor is fit for the collection but requires some explanation, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown does not fit the collection criteria.

We encourage you to peruse and use the library. There are wonderful books to deepen you faith and your practice in the many paths that our and other traditions offer.

If you feel motivated, please write a short review of a book you have enjoyed. Other people in our community may also discover the same joy you have found reading the book.

Some books have been deselected. These include duplicates, period pieces and books that do not fit the collection criteria. These books are clearly labelled, located in one of the library shelves, and free to take home. Doubts, questions, suggestions....? Please contact Carles via the church email.