The All Saints' Climate Committee has a name! Anglican Earth Healers!

March 1/20: We invite you into a Lenten Fast—each week a different way to reduce & repair our God’s Creation. Week One: Fast from Plastic. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Avoid over-packaged foods. Remember your cloth bags for shopping. Invest in some re-useable produce bags. Not sure which plastics to recycle? Take a box and ask the workers at Recycling (they love that).   

2019 Earth Menders Report - Gaianna Sophia
This committee was formed in October of 2019, coming together to ignite new ways for our Anglican Church to actively participate in healing the current climate crisis. We are currently using “Earth Menders” to define the group and are working towards finding the right name to better define ourselves. There are 12 people signed up for the group with an active attendance averaging five people per monthly meeting.

We are considering the emotional and physical impact that the climate crisis has on people in our community and around the world. We are striving to find clarity and effective action that empowers individuals, our church and island community to take individual and group steps towards healing the climate crisis for future generations and the wellbeing of all life on the planet.

We are looking to educate all ages, to help people take personal and group action, and inspire transformation of individual habits. We are hoping to change the infrastructure of personal homes and organizations in our community as well as the world.

We are currently working on our Vision, Mission and Objectives of the group. We all feel very passionate and excited about what we can do and are looking for ways that the congregation can be involved.

We will eventually be looking to collaborate on some projects with other churches in the area because we’re in this together and know that doing this in cooperation can be more potent than doing this separately.

The members in 2019 were Tudor Davies, Noreen Davies, Meg Hodges, Elaine Hunt,  Joyce James, Sarah Mathieson, Gloria McEachern, Sharon Neufeld, Ken Rootham, Gaianna Sophia, Elizabeth Van Akker, Don Van Akker, Audrey Wild, and Gyllian Davies.

Note: On Monday, April 22, 2019, four volunteer women gathered to celebrate Earth Day by cutting the gorse from All Saints and Family Place, along the Kingfisher border and along to Mahon Hall on the west side of Lower Ganges. The gorse was removed and taken away by Chas Belknap. It was a very wet day.