2019 ANGLICAN CATERERS REPORT - Marjorie Radford
Tea à Tempo was held every Wednesday during June, July & August & once a month the rest of the year except for January. Most of the regular patrons are not from our parish although Lolla Devindisch does a good job of advertizing it every Sunday. It was a successful year.

Thank you to all those who provide tea, coffee and homemade goodies: Sarah Mathieson, Ros Woolley, Molly Cunningham, Judy Tyson, Letitia Lane, Bev Byron, Sharon Neufeld, Gwen Davies, Rita Robertson, Marjie Radford, Wilma Haig, Kathy Darling, Ruth Mills, Doreen Davidson, Sandi Johnson, and Joyce James.

Profits for Tea à Tempo $1,511.10
Other catering consisted of:
1 coffee party $88.00 + Interest $0.24 For a total of: $1,599.34.   

The caterers also made cottage pies for the pie sales as well as antipasto and mincemeat for sale at the Christmas Bazaar. The Thanksgiving dinner was not organized by the caterers this year. Many thanks to Ruth Pepin and Mary Beckett for taking this on.

Miscellaneous Events: Coffee & muffins at the garage sale $29.00, Coffee & goodies at the bazaar $111.60. These miscellaneous funds were turned into the parish at the time of the events.

GRAND TOTAL $1,739.94.

Other people to thank: Ann & Hu’ King, Carolyn Evans, Doreen Davidson, Mark du Plessis & Caroline Whereatt.  


Photo credit: Dale Storm