1992-2001 The 11th Decade of the Parish
St. Mark's Church est. 1892
St. Mary's Church est. 1894
St. George's Church 1940-1993
All Saints by-the-Sea est. 1994

The Priests from 1992-2001:
1989-1995 The Rt. Rev'd. Barry Valentine
1995-1998 The Rev'd. Bryan Bjerring
1998-2008 The Rev'd. Canon Dr. Kim Murray


1995 February
On the insistence and generous donation of Phyllis Newman, the bell tower was built and the bell rung before every Sunday service. The aluminum steeple was erected on June 21st on the insistence and generous donation of Georgina Gibbs. 

Many of the carvings in and around the church were done by Audrey Wild. Various handmade furniture seen in the building were done by Charlie Pearcy.

In addition to our rector, Barry Valentine, the parish was blessed with seven retired priests: Peter McCalman, Noel Bracher, Bert Harris, Stephen Gilbert, Bob Wild, Ron Shepherd (retired bishop), and Richard Johns (who became our interim priest after Barry Valentine's retirement in early 1995).

Much of the lumber and timber used in the building came from trees felled onsite but also from Purdy Cunningham Memorial Cemetery on Upper Ganges Road, and trees generously donated from Barry and Carolyn's property on Mt. Belcher.

In all likelihood, every member of the parish made some contribution to the project. One of the outstanding results of this cooperative venture was the developmet of a wonderful sense of comradship and immense satisfaction.

1994 October - A Month of Celebrations
Sep 30 Poetry in Motion - an evening of dance led by Lottie Devindisch.
Oct 1 Open House all day; Concert of Celebration at 7:30pm.
Oct 2 Sunday Ecumenical Music Evening at 7pm.
Oct 8 Victorian Thanksgiving Dinner prepared by Barry Valentine and Marjie Radford (the core beginning of the Anglican Caterers) followed by an evening of a Victorian sing-along led by Margaret Jardine and Joyce Ditzler.
Oct 9 Sunday 4pm Service of Dedication of the Building: Bishop Barry Jenks presiding and the parish's very good friend the world-renowned organist Gerald Wheeler at the organ. 7pm saw a participatory recital which included Vivaldi's Concerto for Trumpet and Organ with local trumpeters Derrick Milton and Dawn Hage. A total of 255 were in attendance.
Oct 28-30 The 14th Century Play of the Creation was coordinated by the Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault.

1994 April
By April 2nd, the church was finished enough for a "preliminary occupancy permit". The Easter Vigil Service that evening and the Easter Morning Eucharist marked the beginning of our full-time occupancy. By this time, the old parish hall had been sold and was handed over by April 30th. When Colin & Heather left on vacation, the Project Management fell to Alan Robertson.

1993 December
With permission from the building inspector, an incredibly moving 7pm Christmas Eve Eucharist service was held. A sawhorse served as an altar and brought to it was a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread accompanied by a crew of workers bearing all manner of tools to offer.

A Christmas Pageant was presented by the children in appropriate costume, including angels seated up in the scaffolding, all in the ambiance of a stable with bales of hay scattered about and 40 worshippers seated on the bales, old hall chairs, pews and garden chairs. At Barry Valentine's suggestion, the Rev. Peter McCalman took this first service in recognition of his vision to purchase the Harbour Property land 15 years before. 80 more parishioners attended a Midnight Mass that night.

Much of the woodworking was done by those with a feel for their hobby: Colin Lawler, Bob & Audrey Wild, John Davies, Bert McCann (from outside the parish), Chris & Carole Scott (from California). Geoff Ballard successfully bid $40 to "NOT spend the day with Riley", Barry & Carolyn's yellow lab.

1993 July
Foundation ready, and on July 14th, Nickel Brothers were onsite to fulfill the Driftwood's front-page headline, "The Church is On The Move". The move entailed trucking the church up past the building site, turning it 180 degrees, and bringing it to sit precisely over the awaiting foundaton.

The day was a drizzly one, but that did not deter a good crowd from gathering at the corner to partake of refreshments under a canopy and to purchase the first issue of raspberry-pink Salt of the Earth sweatshirts from the trunk of veterinarian Claus Andress' car.

Then began the labourious task of preparing St. George's for its new expanded life. Through the following 17 months, under Colin Lawler's good management, Mike Stacey's leadership of 20 or so volunteer labourers, Chris Marks' solid carpentry skills, and daily cookie delivery from countless ovens, the new "Anglican Centre" took shape. Besides leadership, Mike Stacey's contributions were his Dodge Ram truck and very useful tractor, "Petunia".

1993 April
Art & June Beaddie advised +Barry that their previous parish, Holy Trinity, Vancouver, was about to be demolished. On Easter Monday, Mike Stacey led a party of parishioners to Holy Trinity to rescus the pipe organ and pipes, pews, light fixtures, doors and sundry from the wreckers' hammer. Mike and Dennis Seward returned the following Monday to nab the church bell. Margaret Spencer was appointed Volunteer Labour Coordinator whose vital job it was to round up the required workers needed each day.

On Sunday, April 25, 1993, Bishop Barry Jenks presided at the last Eucharist in St. George's then, along with the congregation, crossed the road, took the controls of a backhoe and broke ground on the building site. Barry Valentine wrote a short prayer "Light at the Harbour" (attached) which became instituted every Wednesday at noon thereafter, first in St. George's, later moved 'on site' where workers downed tools to take part in reciting together this prayer. From that date forward, all church services were shared at St. Mark's and St. Mary's.

On the weekend of April 30th, "Festival", a performance of music, dance, poetry and song by members and friends of the parish, was performed at the United Church for fellowship and as a fundraiser. Our generous neighbour with their pastor, the Rev. Barry Cooke, also offered us their facilities for a Thanksgiving Dinner on October 8th, 1993, and for our AGM the following February.

1993 February
At the AGM, Marjie Radford & Alan Robertson took over as parish wardens for the next three years.

1993 January
Pledges recruited for financial support.
Rita Robertson was appointed Registrar of the CCF to record all donations; Carolyn Evans acted as Treasurer.

1992 November
Special Vestry in St. George's Hall passed a resolution to "undertake construction of a new church and hall facilities on the Harbour Property". Rev'd. Peter McCalman, our past rector, uttered the prophetic words, "the funds are already raised; they just need to be released".

The name "All Saints" was preferred to reflect the many churches that have been a part of our parish over the years. Parish Council approved the choice, added the "by-the-Sea", and handed the full name to Bishop Jenks for his final approval.

1992 March
Special Vestry to discuss Home Group reports and view a slide presentation from architect Mr. Beverly (Beans) Justice, whose grandfather was involved in the building of St. Mark's Church.

Building Management Team (BMT) of 4 members: Ernst Kramer, Chair
Capital Campaign Fund (CCF) Committee of 8 members: Ken Strike, Chair
Contractor: Local builder Chris Marks
Design Committee of 11 members: Jim Barber, Chair
Project Manager: Colin Lawler

1992 January
Special Vestry to hear presentation from the Facilities Development Committee (FDC) on six possible options to meet current and future needs.