Saturday, May 28th, 2016: Dedication & Celebration with a Recital by Don Conley on the new Organ in All Saints by-the-Sea, 7pm. Reception to follow. Admission by donation.

January 14, 2016 Invoice 216 from Stephen Wittman, The Organ Guy:
Parts - additional speaker cables, grill frames, programming time to route reverb/reflections signals $616.00.

January 14, 2016 Invoice 215 from Stephen Wittman, The Organ Guy:
Parts - Interface Great windchest to new console. $14,122.08.

January 7, 2016 Invoice 214 from Stephen Wittman, The Organ Guy:
RODGERS 4-Manual Organ, pedalboard, bench from Toronto loan pool - includes Rodgers 10-year Parts Warranty.
6 RODGERS Manual Speakers (with updated woofers), 2 subwoofers, from Vancouver loan pool, 8-channel amplifier. Includes 10-year Warranty. One year labour warranty on the entire installation.
Includes delivery and installation with speakers located in the pipe chamber. $44,794.40.

November 7, 2014 Report from Stephen Wittman: (paraphrased)
Stephen noted that the pipe chamber was a real mess, and not the sort of material used in quality organ work including leaks patched with duct tape.
When attempting to tune the pipes, it became evident that the multiple attempts made to improve the sound have not taken the instrument in a positive direction.
The console has had the same sort of treatement over the years and parts of it have been left undone with parts/pieces lying everywhere. It is well past its best-before date.
For these reasons, Stephen did not charge for the tuning work he did.
In order to bring the present pipe organ to a working condition, it would take a minimum of 10 days to replace the existing console and replace the existing relays. However, the cost to do these things would be much more expensive than what he is proposing.
Stephen strong recommends an installation of the Roland C-380. He can customize the installation to simulate the way that the sound of the current pipe organ travels through the room.
The installation of the Roland C-380, 4 FR1 speakers, 2 SW 6 speakers, and 8-channel amplifier with all the required cables would be $22, 564 + GST/PST. This includes a 5-year parts warranty on the console, 10-year parts warranty on the speakers and amplifier, and 2 years labour on everything.

March 9, 2013 Introduction to Stephen Wittman, Rodgers Organ West Coast Representative
by Don Conley.