There is something about writing an annual report that, for me anyway, exemplifies how quickly time flies – I just can’t believe it’s time for me to complete that task once again. And this will be my 12th report; my how those years drift by.  

I am still madly in love with our beautiful Rogers organ; it allows such beautiful musical accompaniments for all our singing, and I believe it truly encourages the wonderful singing our congregation does. It has been a marvelous addition to our worship.

Our Choir has once again had a wonderful year of music-making. Our Saturday morning practices are such a fun and wonderful time. On numerous occasions last year, I felt I was in heaven listening to the exquisite singing of our choir.

This year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the dedication of All Saints Church. We had a magnificent service which included the choir singing the anthem that Gerald Wheeler wrote for the opening 25 years ago – Unless The Lord Build The House. 

We also had a very special Christmas Eve service – a Christmas pageant for anyone who wanted to be involved. Organized by chorister Deb Smith, it was a great success, and I thank Deb for all the work she did writing the script and organizing and directing the actors. What tremendous fun!

Once again I want to thank Lolla Devindisch for her continuing dedication in keeping our music library up to date, organized and music filed (this job is much harder than it sounds; we go through a lot of paper!) as well as looking after the innumerable small jobs that allow our choir to function smoothly. My job would be considerably more difficult without the help of Lolla.

Many thanks are also due to Sam Balden for playing the services last summer and for playing some beautiful music this past Christmas.

In 2019, our choir members at All Saints were:
Sopranos: Alison McManus, Jean McClure, Joan Warren, Joyce James, Lolla Devindisch, Sarah Belknap, Sheila Hoen.
Altos: Anke Smeele, Audrey Wild, Betty Rothwell, Dale Storm, Deborah Smith, Meg Hodges, Nancy Wigen.
Tenors: Carole Scott, Jaqui Roussin, Jim Smith, Lyle Eide, Mike Woolley, Ron Dyck, Ron Hawkins, Ruth Mills.
Basses: David Sasaki, Ken Rootham, Paul McManus, Ralf Waters.  


Photo credits: GThomas Muir Photography, Owen Benwell, Sue Savage, Chas Belknap, Dale Storm, Anke Smeele.