ALL SAINTS' 25TH ANNIVERSARY - October 9, 2019
Celebration on Thanksgiving weekend, October 11th-13th, 2019
Please view our Anniversary booklet attached at the bottom of this post as a pdf.

All Saints by-the-Sea 25th Anniversary by Doreen Davidson, Incumbent’s Warden
On October 9th, 1994, All Saints by-the Sea was dedicated by Bishop Barry Jenks.  This was the culmination of several years’ work to plan, raise funds, move St. George’s to the other side of Park Drive, and build a new church around it. It was a vision of Peter McCalman, former Rector, and brought to fruition under the leadership of Bishop Barry Valentine, the priest of the parish at the time.

A special 25th Anniversary Committee was formed with Colin Lawler as chairperson. Thanks, Colin for an incredible job well done, and to members Lolla Devindisch, Joyce James, Alan & Rita Robertson, Judy Tyson, Dale Storm, and Doreen Davidson for all their hard work.

On Friday afternoon, the weekend of October 11th to 13th, 2019, an open house was held in the upper hall. One TV showed the original CBC news item (unedited) of the moving of St. George’s while the other TV ran a continuous loop of still-photo history taken by parishioners at the time. In the nursery, one could listen to the  voices of parishioners remembering past times. Our thanks goes to Ron Dyck for making the video loop and doing the technical work.

Throughout the weekend, photo albums of the move and past parish events were available to peruse along with mounted historic displays of past parish productions, Music & Munch, and other memorabilia.

A commemoration plaque of thanksgiving was unveiled by Marjie Radford and Alan Robertson, wardens of the parish at the time of the dedication in October 1994. The plaque is mounted to the left of the main door into the church and reads:

Thanks be to God for the people of this parish and wider community
whose vision, prayers, skills and money
made possible this House of God and Centre for Island Life.
“Unless God builds the house, their labour is in vain who build it.”
Psalm 127:1
October 9th, 2019 25th Anniversary.

Friday evening’s ‘Poetry in Motion and Music’ was a fabulous production put on by Lolla Devindisch and friends.

Eighty parishioners sat down to a delicious thanksgiving dinner on Saturday evening. Anecdotes about the building were offered by several parishioners during the evening.

A service of Thanksgiving was celebrated on Sunday by the Rev. Gyllian Davies followed by a parish lunch. We have much to be thankful for in this parish!

A special thank you to the tea teams who provided refreshments throughout the weekend, to Ruth Pepin and her team for the hard work of organizing and preparing the Thanksgiving dinner, and to all of you who so willing gave your time and talent to make this weekend a success.

What initiated this wonderful weekend was Alan Robertson penning ‘Transformation of St. George’s to All Saints by-the-Sea’, which brought back so many memories. Colin Lawler also wrote his memories as Project Manager in ‘A Moving Experience.’ Many other features were added and put together in a booklet form edited by Duncan Mathieson and formatted by Dale Storm. This wonderful 25th special edition of SALT is still available for sale in the parish office.

Thanks, Alan for the impetus to see us celebrating and remembering all the wonderful people both in the parish and the community who brought All Saints by-the-Sea to reality!