COVID-19 UPDATE: The Parish Council are meeting by Zoom
The Parish Council usually meets on the third Thursday of every month at 2PM.

2021 Parish Council

Dovene Steele, Incumbent’s Co-Warden & Synod Delegate
Judy Tyson, Incumbent's Co-Warden & Alternate Delegate
Walter Stewart, People’s Co-Warden & Synod Delegate
John Metzger, People's Co-Warden & Alternate Delegate

Members at Large:
Jim Smith (3rd of 3 years)
Joan Dickenson (2nd of 3 years)
Gloria McEachern (2nd of 3 years)
Elizabeth van Akker (2nd of 3 years)
Anne Clapham (re-elected 3-year term)
Debbi Toole (elected 3-year term)
Ellen Vesterdal (elected 3-year term)
Ralf Waters (elected 3-year term)

Dale Storm
Eva Lam

2020 Parish Council
Dovene Steele & Judy Tyson, Incumbent’s Co-Wardens & Synod Delegate
Walter Stewart, People’s Warden & Synod Delegate
Members at Large:
Anne Clapham, 3rd year
Doreen Davidson, Retiring Warden
Joan Dickenson, 1st year
Elaine Hunt, 3rd year
Gloria McEachern, 1st year
John Metzger, 2nd year
Sue Savage, 3rd year & Alternate Synod Delegate
Jim Smith, 2nd year
Elizabeth Van Akker, 1st year