The buildings of the Anglican Parish of Salt Spring Island are closed until at least the middle of May and quite possibly well beyond that.  But the Anglican Parish continues to function remotely and will be developing that remote capacity further through our website as the days pass.  We have already heard from a number of parishioners that the very basic efforts we were able to make for Sunday March 22nd were much appreciated.

The costs of running the parish continue through this time of closure, so maintaining our financial stewardship is critical. 


For those who are signed up for automatic debit from a bank account, you need do nothing unless you wish to change the amount; the system continues. The form to change your commitment is available at the bottom of this page. Please complete the form, scan it, and send it to Dale [email protected].

For those who make their contribution in cash or by cheque, we ask you to consider signing up for automatic debit.  The form for new committments is attached at the bottom of this page.  If you complete it and scan it and email it to Dale [email protected]

Dale can forward forms to the Synod office where they can still be processed by staff working remotely. We recognize that not all of you have the capacity to download and scan the document. 

Another method to make your donation is to use Canada Helps Donate Now by Canada Helps.  You can make your contribution by credit card. 

For those of you for whom none of these options work, please keep track of the contributions you cannot make in person at the moment and remit them when happier days return. We do not want people dropping cash or cheques through the mail chute at All Saints. It is clear that the virus can live for a period of time on both cash and other forms of paper such as envelopes and cheques. Avoiding the transfer of physical objects is an important part of our contribution to fighting the spread of the virus.

By our baptism we are Christ’s forever. Gathered or scattered the Church carries on.  

We thank Thee that Thy church, unsleeping,

While earth rolls onward into light,

Through all the world her watch is keeping,

And rests not now by day or night.  

As over each continent and island

The dawn leads on another day,

The voice of prayer is never silent,

Nor dies the strain of praise away.  - The Day Thou Gavest Lord Has Ended - CP - 29